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2006 Speedster twin 310 hp right engine shuts down / off randomly. key fob only one beep


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Hi all,

New to this forum, frankly exhausted all my traditional options so I’d like to reach out to this community for some help please. here is a description of the issues I’m having with my 2006 Seadoo BRP Speedster 200 with 310 HP, twin engines. when I attach the key fob to the DESS, sometimes I hear two beeps, both RPM gauges cycle and I start left engine first right engine second all is well. However, sometimes / many times, I only here one beep and only the left engine RPM gauge cycles and starts. the right does not. What I've observed is neither the right engine RPM gauge cycles, nor does the gas gauge work and lastly the after market fish-finder does not have power either.

I then disconnect the key fob, giggle it and it works, I hear two beeps, gauges all cycle and engines start. However, once out and about on the lake the right engine randomly shuts off, I hear one loud beep and the engine is off. I repeat the above process, disconnect the key fob, giggle it sometimes I have to wait for several minutes, patiently, then the right engine works.

Some days the above repeats throughout the day. Some days all is well no issues. I've spent a considerable amount at the marina already and now sadly I feel as though I’m a bother to them given.

From the research I've done so far, I've used 99% alcohol to clean the key fob and the DESS. that seemed to work for several days, then the problem returned again. I've also checked for loose connections at the DESS, gauges, and battery. All connections seem to be fine.

The boat is and only has been used in fresh water.

I'm generally handy, and with some guidance can further trouble shoot etc.

Would greatly appreciate any insight / support you can provide.

Thank you, Bob