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Discussion in 'Cobra Jet Steering' started by Cobra Jet Steering LLC, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Cobra Jet Steering LLC

    Cobra Jet Steering LLC Jetboaters Captain

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    If you have some other manufacturers steering system on your boat including hydro pro systems and you really want to trade UP and get all the steering enhancements for slow speed , high speed, mid range ,water sports and rough conditions , offered with either my magnum A K system or my Ultimate system combined with the Mega Fang setup for enhanced steering , power steering , added reverse thrust, more stopping power and of course really nice reverse control. I will offer you a trade allowance for your current steering system 60 dollars per nozzle for trading in the other parts so a complete magnum A K system with the mega fangs would end up costing you $424free shipping in the U S A plus sales tax if you are in Florida. International shipping would be additional . A twin engine Ultimate system with the mega fangs would cost you only $424 same free shipping etc as previously stated. So trade in those old systems and REALLY UPGRADE !!!
    Sale subject to end with 24 hour notice, not valid with other offers or promotions.
    You must email me directly with the boat information and the state the order will be shipped to.

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