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  1. P

    Predictions on 2020 models

    Yes, I get the #s from whatever source I can find online, and they basically get it from the engines gauges just like you yourself did and posted a screenshot of. If you don't like that, where do you suggest we get the #s from so we can have an honest discussion then? I've met some of these...
  2. C

    Mr1 life expectancy

    @bshell I’m also interested in compression test for a boat I’m looking at do you know what the compression should be been searching for the #s on here haven’t found yet your input please.
  3. Julian

    Replacing Steering Cables

    Got a question in private message about how hard this is to do, and figured I'd share my reply here: First of all, I've never done steering cables-I've only done reverse buckets, but it is the same procedure. The primary difference is the steering cables pass through the metal transom plate...
  4. Pblake28

    Steering cable question

    the 06 has 2 different part #s for port and starboard . Are the lengths 18' and 19'?
  5. Julian

    SOLD T-Shirts, Polos, Tank tops, Hats and totes can be ORDERED NOW!

    Yes, more SWAG is ready for those of you interested in shirts, hats and bags! Actual photos of the Polos are still pending. The directions on how to order the new stuff are in the order form, but I'll recap them here too. ORDERS CAN NOW BE PLACED ONLINE AT ISLAND JAY! Jet Boaters BIG FROG...