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  1. lgparra

    2021 AR195 Stereo/Tower Speakers

    Hey Guys! So I've spent hours researching (wow this forum is a fantastic source of information) and watching youtube videos. I only took my boat out once before winter hit, but it is apparent the stock sound system isn't great. Not bad but not really great either in stock form. My current...
  2. Water Shot

    Water Shot

  3. KyleP

    Oak Island

    Headed to oak island with the family for about 5 days. Plan on taking the boat... any must see/do down there??
  4. D

    Want To Buy Interested in a Yamaha AR195 on West Coast

    Very interested in buying a Yamaha AR195 on the west coast, I live in California but because of regulations, as I have understood that I am unable to buy in California but can bring it in from a different state, willing to drive to you, let me know.
  5. DavisAR195

    SOLD SOLD For Sale 2017 AR195 Oregon - $33,000 OBO - Like New

    Selling my 2017 AR 195 with 133 hours for $33,000 or OBO. Regular service performed every year, Oil change, spark plug and grease fittings. The boat currently has a 3M blue metal flake wrap that has been on the boat since day one. Meaning the black haul under the wrap is in perfect condition if...
  6. Grahmh

    Boat Stuff Brand New Never opened cover the 2019+ ar190/195

    I have a brand new never opened cover the 2019+ ar190/195. Asking $750 plus shipping https://shopyamaha.com/product/details/deluxe-premium-tower-mooring-cover-19-ft?b=Search&ls=yamaha-motor-company
  7. A

    Boat FOR SALE 2017 AR195 $$$

    For sale 2017 Yamaha AR195 located in SC. $29,000 OBO. Boats in great shape, kany extras including $3000 worth of stereo installed less than a year ago. Garmin GPS system. PM or email if interested Aaronmx327@yahoo.com
  8. K

    Boat Ohio: Reduced 2017 Yamaha AR195 with extras

    Like new boat with trailer that I purchased in April 2018 as a new leftover. Hours are around 35 give or take with usage. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this unit and I’m a meticulous person with upkeep. Boat is financed but title is clear with no accidents. Asking 30,500 OBO and located...
  9. Truck n Boat.jpg

    Truck n Boat.jpg

  10. J

    Replacement window?

    Long story short, I was out on the water this weekend and now my whole port front and side windshield is gone. Part in the ocean, part all over the deck of my boat. Something tells me that this isn’t necessarily a difficult fix sincere really just the glass. Has anyone ever done it or does...
  11. Michael-Nash

    2019 AR190/195

    I've seen numerous posts comparing the two in the past but not since the 2019 redesign. Is there really enough that the 195 has to justify the $6k price difference? I've also heard the redesign lowered the top speed of both models. If true, that could lean me more toward the 195 as I would...
  12. DavisAR195

    SOLD 2012 - 2017 AR190 AR192 AR195 Gray Carpet -SOLD

    I purchased my boat (2017 AR195) new in January of 2017 and had GatorStep flooring installed before taking possession from the dealer. I have the full set along with all the screw in button's. The carpet is brand new still in the factory bag, asking $180 plus shipping. Currently located in...
  13. LaredoMike

    Boat 2013 Yamaha SX192 Laredo TX $25,000 OBO

    2013 Yamaha SX192 135 hours $25,000 or best offer (I am flexible on price. Posting on craigslist as well. I'm happy to discount to someone in this forum as I have gained valuable knowledge from here over the past couple of years.) Black with white and gray trim 19’ jet boat Fresh water...
  14. viper15

    AR195 Lateral Thrusters - AWESOME!

    Just received my lateral thursters a few days ago and am super pleased with them. I couldn't be happier! Product: The final outcome of the produce in my hand is impressive. The casting on the thrusters have no extra slag, and minimal casting lines. Final machining has no burrs and is well...
  15. Coffeecan

    Broken Captains Chair

    So I finally realized why my captains chair was so uncomfortable and was preventing access to the starboard rear storage, the seat base was completely busted. Searching for solutions I found this appears to be a fairly common problem on our boats, but there were no real solutions other than to...
  16. Coffeecan

    2013 AR190 -> 2018 195 OEM Marine Mat conversion

    So our new to us 2013 AR 190's Hydroturf was getting thread bare and was shedding black debris all over the place. Did a bunch of research looking at JBP vs SBT Blacktip Elite mat kits, but didn't want to wait til September for the JBP group buy because our transom was in sad shape for the...
  17. G

    Want To Buy Looking for replacement carpet a 19' yamaha sx190.

    Looking for a used carpet that would fit a 2012 sx190. I'm pretty sure all the 19' carpets fit the same button pattern. If anyone has done the hydroturf install and just has there old carpet taking up space hit me up! I'm looking for preferably "like new" or very good condition carpet...
  18. Squirrel

    Installed SVHO cooler + Question

    I have been out on my 2013 AR195 several times at Lake Mead. I have noticed on long runs I lose 4 to 5 MPH (40MPH) while trying to keep up with my Nordic friends (V8 Jerks :). I just finished my install of the SVHO cooler and going this weekend to test it out. I hope all is good and there is...
  19. KyleP

    Need help with remote wire issue

    So I’m wiring in an amp for my boat and noticed on the wiring diagram for the Marine Audio MA200 that there is supposed to be a remote wire (blue) already wired into the harness. However, there is nothing there, is there anything else I can tie into for my remote wire or am I gonna have to get a...
  20. biffdotorg

    SOLD (SOLD) 2002 SeaDoo Challenger X-20 X20

    2002 SeaDoo Challenger X-20, $11,000 in Dilworth, MN (Fargo, ND) SOLD Based on the 20ft Challenger 2000, the X20 is SeaDoo's Wakeboat with factory tower. It also shipped with a 500lb FatSac ballast bag and pump for the ski locker to give the wake a bit more volume. This tip-down tower allows...