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  1. King

    Anyone getting 2022 Yamaha orders???

    ...that's "anticipated" to be in the range of 10% to 12%. Choice #2: Snag the AR250 that has been confirmed to be onsite in a week or two. Choice #3: Snag the 195S that's also bene confirmed to be onsite in a week or two. Seriously leaning towards Choice #2 as we've already picked up a few...
  2. pres2028

    Multiple catfish in impellers

    ...you see in the photo. #2: Check the impellers first. Feel a fish. Try to scare it out, fin gets caught in impeller, have to fish out by hand. #3: Check the impellers first. Feel a fish. Try to scare it out, seems like she's gone. Start the engine, apparently she wasn't gone and got sucked...
  3. C

    MR1 Top Speed and RPM limited to low 9k: AR230 and 05 FX HO

    ...dealer said they made an adjustment and the computer then showed 100% throttle, but it is the same now as before I had them service it. Problem #3: Unrelated to performance, but when the boat is not used for about 2+ weeks the starboard motor will not want to idle at first start. After a...
  4. oglear

    Is it ok to store my boat like this?

    ...need to figure what I'll do with this lift. Very clever ideas, specially the one about the ballast bag will look further into it thanks. Update #3: I've now by flipping the boat managed to completely take the back out of the water since this side of the lift works better, only thing is that...
  5. DavisAR195

    AR195 Build Mods

    ...Viper. Step #1: Remove the bolt connecting the articulating keel Step #2: Remove the two bolts that connect the reverse bucked to the cable Step #3: Remove the bolt and nut for the steering cable. Step #4: Remove the 4 bolts (2 on each side) so the everything can come off together. As for...