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  1. A

    Performance Impeller?

    Hey... I am looking into getting the "Scarab 250 Impeller Single Engine 2016-Up" from Impellers.com when they offer them in June... Has anyone tried an impeller upgrade in one of these 250HP boats? Should you use steel wear rings? There don't seem to be many performance upgrade options at this...
  2. gettingerb

    2007 SX230 Impeller Replacement Questions

    Friend and I bought an 2007 SX230 with known impeller damage. We water tested the boat and only made 35 mph at WOT and it was very sluggish to get to plane. At that time we didn't know the impellers were damaged and almost walked on the deal. We pulled the boat onto a trailer and saw the...
  3. A

    Impeller question

    Can I manually turn the impeller from the clean out or from under the boat through the grate? I had sucked up some seaweed. Luckily I was heading to the sand bar. I cleaned out the best that I could through the clean out. I put on my googles and went under the boat through the grate and got out...
  4. P

    Impeller bolt coming off.

    So I was on the water this weekend and m boat was running louder than usual. I brushed it off thinking it was the acoustic foam coming apart. After a bit excessive vibration and an overhead caused me to shut down and get a tow. I took apart the rear portion of my pump housing to find my impeller...
  5. R

    1996 Regal Rush XP 120 jet boat - Broken Control/Shift Cable

    The shift control cable broke on my 1996 Regal Rush xp120 jet boat! Since the MV-2 control is obsolete I had to replace it with a CH2300P control box. I’m wondering if the new cc21310 control cable will work. I have not received the new CH2300P control yet. Anyone have any experience? The reason...
  6. ilangtry

    Yamaha covered impeller re-pitching

    Not sure if this has been discussed before, but I learned today (from calling Yamaha corporate) that Yamaha will cover the expense to have your impellers removed, shipped, re-pitched and reinstalled. As they base the impellers at sea-level and don’t know where buyers will boating, they offer...
  7. WilCo

    AR190 impeller

    Finally had the chance to take the boat out and pull something since I had an extra driver and observer. As warned by the dealership that I had my post-buy inspection/warranty transfer done at, the impeller did not produce sufficient thrust to quickly get someone out of the water...so I'm...
  8. ChrisRie

    Boat Stuff Pair of almost new AR240 impellers- make offer

    I have two 2 month old stock impellers for the AR240. I went to high altitude impellers. I'll take any reasonable offer for them together or separate. Contact Chris 303-704-1976 crieple@yahoo.com