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  1. Manic Mechanic

    Many questions - Need help (length, wake, accessories, etc.)

    I would like to say thanks in advance to any and all who reply because despite doing research for months now and reading all the available sources available I'm still left with some questions for more experienced owner/operators. Please be patient with my questions as I certainly appreciate...
  2. S

    Surfing - 2019 Scarab 215ID

    Any feedback on optimal set up for the 2019 Scarab 215ID with wake plates? How do you run your ballast? Do you run both wake plates or only on one side, if one side, which one? The one with the surfer or the other? What types of speeds are you having success with? Are you putting any ballast in...
  3. topherbd16

    First Time Boat Owner: '18 212x

    Hey all, Been looking at ski, wakeboard, surf boats for years... finally pulled the trigger on a good deal out of an estate on an '18 212X with 30 hours. I'm in Marysville, OH (just NW of Columbus). Family of 4 with teenagers and we like Delaware Lake just north of Columbus and will be...
  4. JpDodson

    Wake surf AR 210

    Hey guys, this might be posted somewhere already but I’m new to Yamaha boats and have 2020 AR210. Wondering if someone could help me figure out what i need to do a little surfing? Nothing crazy since we are all beginners but want to play around a bit. Would like to not permanently install and...
  5. J-RAD

    NEW 2020 JetPilot Wakesurf Boards - Transom Watersports

    I started hearing whisperings in the fall from JetPilot of their NEW "Freeboard Division" coming soon. I told my wife, "it sounds like JetPilot might be coming out with a collection of wakesurf boards..." but they were very vague and silent about it for months. Even to me as a dealer. I have...
  6. J-RAD

    The majestic 2020《SLINGSHOT COASTER》

    It's here... and I touched it... and. I. liked. It. We just got a couple of the in stock and I couldn't go to bed until I unpackaged one. The packaging was new... no more bubble wrap. It's safely cocooned in a expanding honeycomb cardboard sleeve. They do an incredible job with their packaging...
  7. jpkl

    SOLD Pending SOLD: 2018 Yamaha 242X E-series in GA - 73 hours: Turn-Key boat, rigging, toys for 65K

    This 2018 242X currently has 73 hours; trailered only; fresh water only. Have not experienced any issues with boat systems; with 3 years remaining of Y.E.S. warranty. This boat & trailer new was $73,999; total upgrades/adds to boat and trailer $5,735; included boating accessories $1470. Price...
  8. J-RAD

    Group Buy SURFtember 2019- Transom Watersports

    Here we go! A group buy on the most sought after wakesurf boards for jetboaters. UPDATE: Our group minimum has been reached and this discount offer is open to all wishing to purchase! Quantities are limited and the sale lasts until Sept. 30th or they're sold out whichever comes first. The offer...
  9. J-RAD

    NEW Arrivals - 2020 Slingshot Wakesurfers

    Feast you're eyes... but act cool so your spouses don't suspect you're lusting after anything "inappropriate". Because these are BEAUTIFUL and you have been warned. (Will post availability soon) 2020 Wakesurfers Coaster- Sizes: 5'0" & 5'3" Coaster XR- Size: 5'0" Cobra Cat- Sizes: 4'8" &...
  10. T

    New 19 FT Yamaha Surf Package

    Did anyone happen to see this new surf package from Yamaha? It works for 2019 and newer 19ft boats. Intrigued and eager to hear reviews! Yamaha Surf Package
  11. J-RAD

    Transom - Videos - O'Brien Wakesurf Boards

    INTRODUCTION: I'm Jared, I'm a jetboater and owner of Transom Watersports. I've had the "chore" of demoing some of the products we sell and compiling a record of how they perform. I want you to see how these boards will function and handle on your jet boat wakes. The following videos and...
  12. Scottie

    SOLD Surf Board - Phase 5 Wire 2018 - 53" - $450

    $450 - Up for sale is a 2018 Phase 5 Wire. This carbon fiber board is great for a typical Yamaha wake and/or bigger riders. This is a hybrid board with a lean towards the surf style. Used for one season, maybe 15 to 20 rides. No nicks/dings/scratches. Always stored inside when not in use...
  13. J-RAD

    15% off + 10% off Slingshot boards - Transom Watersports

    All Slingshot wakesurf and wakeboards on sale for an additional 15% off and free shipping now thru Friday. This is the best pricing of the season... No discount codes required, just checkout and save. Contact me for best pricing on other items. Thanks for reading, following, and supporting!
  14. J-RAD

    Transom - Videos - Slingshot Wakesurfers Behind My AR240

    Hi folks! I've been having a ton of fun testing out some Slingshot wakesurf boards behind my 2016 AR240. These boards are all for sale in my online store www.transomwatersports.com Slingshot is one of the brand's we carry but also have a relationship with O'Brien, Body Glove, and JetPilot. Be...
  15. J-RAD

    Transom Watersports | Spring Sling | Group Buy

    *SPRING SLING SALE* Exclusive to jetboaters.net members - This years best pricing on the 2019 Slingshot Hoverglide Foil Wake & Foil Wakesurf packages and accessories. Celebrate our grand opening with this exclusive offer. The BEST deal of the year on the COOLEST watersports product on the...
  16. Julian

    Raleigh Area Wake Surfing Club?

    OK, not sure if there are others like me that don't get to surf as much as we'd like (all the kids want to do is tube), but while chatting with @sealavie I had an idea....why not set up a "Surf Club"? General idea is to plan/or wing it, days or evenings where we'd get a few folks together that...
  17. JasonMi

    Boat Stuff FOR SALE.. Wake wedge used 3x

    I have one wakewedge for sale for $650 free shipping to the lower 48 states. Original packaging, box, and instalation paper work including the templates. This was only used a few times but is coming off a 2016 242x-e series. I believe this will work on 24' boats but please verify before...
  18. O

    Want To Buy Ballast

    Looking to buy Ballast bag/pump. Preferably looking for 750lbs & 200ishlbs but will consider all. I feel like buying new and not 100% sure my ideas will work I'd rather not spend too too much (what everything would cost new). If you have any you're not using and willing to part with, please hit...
  19. J

    Does anyone know if Gatlin Wake Wedge made for 2014 212x is compatible with 2008 212x?

    Looking at buying a used one from someone who had made for his 2014 212x. (I have a 2008 212x and want to ensure it would fit, but live several hours apart so can't test in person easily) Any quick replies helpful and welcome. Thanks!