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Classic Jet Boats section by JBP


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Hello once more from Jet Boat Performance , we have petitioned the folks here with a proposition that we might create this thread to compliment your already great jet boaters forum with some articles specific to the Classic and "California" Jet boat experience that became so popular in the late 60's and early 70's. In the past several years these Jet Boats have enjoyed a huge renaissance particularly with the Hot Rod and DIY crowd and not unlike Classic cars like Chevelles, Mustangs and GTOs etc , they are collected and resto'd and prized by their owners We hope you enjoy this new section and encourage your questions and participation, stories and interest. My wife and I started JBP twenty years ago to help "feed my habit" of collecting ,building and creating these boats and our business has morphed from a home garage business to an ever expanding world wide supplier of Jet Drive and Jet Boat parts , accessories and products . In our shop we also build , modify and repair these great aquatic Hot Rods along with parts and accessory sales . As time permits we will post pics of past and current projects here for your interest and enjoyment ... All The Best Tom