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o2 sensor CEL question, port side engine

Discussion in 'Yamaha AR240, SX240, 242 Limited / S / X/ E-Series' started by Kellyar240, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. Kellyar240

    Kellyar240 New Member

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    hey new to forum, I am having an issue with an annoying check engine light on my boat. the boat is a 2015 AR240 Yamaha. The check engine light and alarm will come on immediately after starting the engine in question. it doesn't matter if I disconnect the batteries, leave them for even a day, it will come back immediately after starting the engine. I have taken the boat to a dealership to have them troubleshoot the issue , they even hooked water up to the boat and they told me that it was the port side o2 sensor. I suspected an o2 sensor being the issue before I took the boat there, but what has me puzzled is even if I swap o2 sensor with the other engine, the port side is still the engine light that comes on. any thoughts? my boat has a cat , so I have 2 o2 sensors. I have tried swapping them around. the dealership did clear the codes and told me to bring it to the lake, which I did but the code came back after about 5 minutes of running it. engines both seem to run fine.

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