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SeaRay 210 SPX vs Chaparral 21 SSi


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New to boating, new to the forum. Currently narrowed down my search to 2 boats (after what seemed like an endless amount of searching): 1) 2021 Chaparral 21 SSi; and 2) 2022 SeaRay 210 SPX (inboard).


- No existing warranties on either.

- Priced around the same.

- 200hp engine.

- Extremely clean - minimal wear.

Main differences:

- 200hrs on the SeaRay; 70hrs on the Chaparral.

- The Chaparral had its outdrive completely replaced (hit a rock) - authorized dealer replaced (all paperwork in order). No engine or other work on the SeaRay.

- SeaRay exterior is all white; whilst the Chaparral is dark blue with sporty graphics. Appearance is extremely subjective - my taste on the exterior appearance leans much more toward the Chaparral.

- SeaRay interior is much classier (brown with black 2-tone). Chaparral (white with grey 2-tone) is sportier, but not nearly as elegant.

- SeaRay has l-shaped lounge seating; 1 captain's chair with a fold-down (converts to bench) co-captain chair; Chaparral has 2 captain chairs (swivel), but not a l-shaped bench (single straight bench). Looks like the SeaRay has smarter seating arrangements (they're both 21' boats).

Primary uses are cruising on the lake, entertaining, and a bit of watersports (tube towing, maybe wakeboarding eventually, but not in any serious way). I'm truly torn between the 2. If the Sea Ray had a different exterior color (any color other than white), it would edge out the Chaparral easily. I can live with the full white color of the SeaRay, although if there was an option to add high-quality graphics to the Sea Ray (not cheap ebay types), it certainly would be something of interest,

Would truly appreciate advice here (leaving aside personal appearance tastes). Is one brand more reliable than the other? One holds its value more? Anyone with direct experience in both models listed?