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  1. A

    252SE - Need Part Numbers

    Can someone help me find these part numbers? #1: The "Yamaha" chrome lettering on the swim deck (by the tow point) - the "Y" fell off. Can I get just the Y? Maybe I can just get some thin two sided tape? #2: The stick down mat where the cooler goes, in grey.
  2. A

    Just started digging into the 2021 SX250/AR250 audio system

    ...in resistance, which could cause an issue. When you take them off, make sure the wire is still solid and then wrap it up with electrical tape. #2: That harness goes into a bigger harness, so hard to follow from amp. On my 252SE there are two wire looms coming from the Connext. One of them...
  3. msavold

    The Vaccine

    ...new (see where I'm going with this?) treatment. In the "pre-rituximab era" my life expectancy was around 7 years. Now, there's no time limit. Tip #2: anything that ends in - mab is a monoclonal antibody, an antibody made by cloning a unique white blood cell. Sounds like voodoo, right -...
  4. R

    YDIS for 2013 242 LS

    Update #2: Received the CanDoo Pro in the mail today (fast shipping!) and was able to hook it up to my boat's port engine. it diagnosed the 144 code just fine and I was able to select clear code, after a time it lost communication and a binch of codes came up, then a msg told me to unplug and...
  5. W

    How can we prevent, diagnose, and eliminate overheating problems?

    ...cylinder block water jacket after soaking it in vinegar. Adding "dried white algae" to that label might make it more correct. Answer to question #2: I use city water to flush the engines. The picture in Post #14 was 6 months after 4 hours of brackish use and bimonthly flushes. Answer to...
  6. BigAbe75

    2020 Gut Busters - Weight Loss Challenge

    ...Everyone else keep up the good work too! My next challenge is to get moving again. I haven’t done a good job of making that happen yet. edit #2: editing long posts on my phone really sucks. I’m seeing all sorts of typos and a whole 2 sentences that I had in bold originally aren’t even...
  7. DavisAR195

    AR195 Build Mods

    ...Vipers and this how I would install the lucky 13 without removing the CJS Viper. Step #1: Remove the bolt connecting the articulating keel Step #2: Remove the two bolts that connect the reverse bucked to the cable Step #3: Remove the bolt and nut for the steering cable. Step #4: Remove the 4...